Poem : Unseen Comfort


When life becomes a struggle
And illness brings the blues
Just close your eyes a moment
This is the thing to do

Imagine all the angels
Above look down at you
And in their hearts of pureness
They sing a prayer that’s true

A prayer of inspiration
Of words so sweetly said
The Father’s heart is taken
Sends comfort to your bed

And though your eyes unable
To see this glorious sight
The angels come to comfort
For this is God’s delight.

– – – from “The Brethren Collection”  by  E.V. Stankowski RN

About the author:

E.V. Stankowski is a RN of 22 years with an expertise in alcohol and drug dependency detox/rehab treatment. She has written two other collections; “Angel of Mercy Collection,” which are poems reflecting tributes to nurses and, the “Petals of Gold Collection,” which encompasses a variety of literary works.

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