Poem : To Every Thing A Season

To Every Thing A Season

For every thing under Heaven
There is a time and season.
Given by God with a purpose
As well as a simple reason.

There is a time to laugh and dance,
Joy to be expressed.
A time of birth, a time of love,
Of peace without distress.

But also found is a time to mourn,
Full of sorrow, grief to share,
A time of death and weeping found,
A time to show you care.

A time of war and ugly hate,
A time to rip and rend.
But after this, what comes to all
A time to sew and mend.

There will be certain times to lose,
And certain times to find.
At times it’ll be to cast away
Those things that are not kind.

There will be times to gather stones,
And then to cast away,
At times to hold, or embrace,
At times to hold at bay.

But most of all there is a time
To speak God’s Word aloud.
But other times its best to find,
The time with silence shroud.

To every thing there is a season,
A time and purpose there,
Given to us to keep within,
God’s Word to find and share.

– – – written by Dwayne Leon Rankin, USA

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  1. I am a Christian and I love my lord and saviour Jesus and I just love sharing him on my website with my friends!

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