Poem : This Day


This day is a special gift from God.
There are many who saw yesterday’s sunset
yet have not seen today’s sunrise. But I
have been given another day of opportunity;
a day to learn and grow.

Today I will sift through the experiences
of past days. I will store up knowledge and
wisdom as treasures, and discard hatred and
jealousies as trash to be burned. I will turn
to God in times of joy as well as in times of sorrow.

Today I will laugh and play with children, love
and assist the elderly, heed the advice of the righteous.

I will smell the roses even though I may suffer
the pricks of thorns. I will strive for the
mountain tops, overcoming steep cliffs and loose
boulders each step of the way; but always feeling
the wind of God’s love blowing in my face.

Today I will arm myself against emotions which
tend to destroy. I will replace anger with love,
sadness with joy, hurt with pity. I will counsel
when counsel is needed; but be silent when someone
speaks; always praying for guidance from the Lord.

I will be firm when firmness is called for. I will
weep with those who weep and laugh with those who
laugh. I will fear no person; for God has given me
this day and no man can take it away without His
prior approval.

And if God is willing that I see tomorrow’s sunrise,
I will have even more treasures to store… treasures
where moth and rust do not destroy and no thief can steal.

– – – written by Steven L. Blanchard

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