The World Of The Young

The World of The Young

Purple, green, red and blue!
Sparkling glittering and pretty good.
I don’t know which one to choose,
so I frame the question back to you.

If all of life were calm and cool,
And all mankind will play the fool,
Won’t black be black and white be white?

But here we sit on a single table,
surrounded with choices right and wrong;
fed with words of the young and old,
left with feelings warm and cold!

Scream, shout, sing and dance.
Teachers, Elders, priests and scribes.
wisdom, knowledge, laws, commands.
The choice is yours as well as mine.

You take it now or leave it behind.
Call it truth or say whatever!
Lost for a moment or lost for ever.

Purple, green, red and blue.
sparking glittering and pretty good.
Let this truth be understood.
The world of the young is really good!

– – – contributed by solomon