Poem : Let Us Seek God’s Guidance

Seek Gods Guidance

As the threatening “Clouds of Chaos”
Gather in man’s muddled mind;
While he searches for an answer
He alone can never find;
May God turn our vision skyward
So that we can see above …
The gathering clouds of darkness,
And behold God’s brightening love.

For today we’re facing problems
Man alone can never solve,
For it takes much more than genius
To determine and resolve,
The conditions that confront us
All around on every side,
Daily mounting in intensity
Like the restless, rising tide.

But we’ll find new Strength and Wisdom
If instead of proud resistance …
We humbly call upon the Lord
And seek Divine Assistance;
For the spirit can unravel
Many tangled, knotted threads
That defy the skill and power
Of the world’s best hands and heads.

For the plans of growth and progress
Of which we all have dreamed,
Cannot survive materially
Unless the spirit is redeemed.
So as another Year dawns,
Let us seek the Lord in prayer
And place our future hopes and plans
Securely in God’s care.

– – – written by Helen Steiner Rice

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