Poem : Finding Christ In His Fullness

Finding Christ

Father, You have
Welcomed me home,
I embrace all
The Saints that have
Gone before me
And are my inspiration.

I come to you with
Awe and Wonder,
At how I can often
Receive You,
In the real presence.

To receive the
Blotting out of
My sins.
Giving me a way
Of atonement.
By coming before You
Through the sacrament
Of confession.

I know I will find
Grace in the sacraments,
I am in awe of the fullness
Of the Faith.

From the work
Of your divine appointing
Out of the line of David.
You sent your son Jesus,
To set up a kingdom
That will never end.

You proclaimed that
The keys to your
Kingdom are in
The hands of Peter
And upon this rock
You have built your Church.

The one true everlasting
Body of believers
Which I am to unite with
For all time.

– – – Submitted by Cyndi Robinson

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