Poem : He Carried That Cross For Us

He Carried That Cross For Us

When He Prayed In The Garden
It Was Us That He Did See
Knowing That He Had To Die
So We Could Be Set Free

When He Stood Before The People
And They Shouted, “Put Him On The Cross
He Could Have Called Ten Thousand Angels
But He Knew That We Were Lost

When They Stripped Him Of His Rode
And Beat Him To The Ground
He Could Have Called His Angels
But Choose Not To Make A Sound

FOr It Was His Love So Great
Yes His Love For Us
That Made Him Stay Right There
For It Knew It Was A Must

As He Walked Up That Road
With Each And Every Step
He Could Have Used His Power
But It Was His Love That Keep

Him Moving Towards That Hill
Where He Knew That He Would Bare
Our Sins Upon His Chest
Oh How Greatly He Does Care

The Nails, They Were Driven
Into His Feet And Hands
For It Was The Only Way
To Complete A Mighty Plan

There In The Middle
Of Two Thieves They Placed His Cross
What Did He See That Day
He Seen How We Were Lost

He Could Have Called His Angels
And They Would Have Come Indeed
But It Was Us That He Knew
Who Would Be In Great Need

Our Sins, There Have Been Many
Yes Many In Our Day
These Sins He Paid In Full
Because He Choose To Stay

Upon That Cross He Won
Our Battle To The End
Upon That Cross He Bearried
All Of The Sins

All The Sins Of Those
Who Are Covered In His Blood
Yes He Carrried That Cross For Us
All Becasue It’s Us He Loves

– – – written by Cathy Jo Moore

3 thoughts on “Poem : He Carried That Cross For Us”

  1. Nice poem indeed.
    But my brother..Jesauer sun of Mariam (peace is with him ) GOD mentioned that Peace is with He the day He was born the day He will die and the day He will leave living / alife.
    That means , when Peace is with He (Jesauer peace is with He) The The deathness, if we can call it so, will not harm He. So He therefore can not die. And Thenn when people saw He beeing crossed. It was not He. It was only an image of He the people could see. GOG mentioned: He didn’t got killed and He didn’t die but but it looked alike for them.
    So Again my brother , Jesauer (Peace is with him) never died, He got raised up to GOD.

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