Poem : Drinking from My Saucer

Drinking from My Saucer

I’ve never made a fortune and it’s probably too late now,

But I don’t worry about that much ’cause I’m happy anyhow.

And as I go along life’s way I’m reaping better than I sow,

I’m drinking from my saucer ’cause my cup has overflowed.

Haven’t got a lot of riches and sometimes the going’s tough,

But I’ve got loving ones around me and that makes me rich enough.

I thank God for his blessings and the mercies He’s bestowed,

I’m drinking from my saucer ’cause my cup has overflowed.

Oh, remember times when things went wrong my faith wore somewhat thin,

But all at once the dark clouds broke and sun peeped through again.

So Lord, help me not to gripe about the tough rows that I’ve hoed,

I’m drinking from my saucer cause my cup has overflowed.

If God gives me strength and courage when the way grows steep and rough,

I’ll not ask for other blessings ’cause I’m already blessed enough.

And may I never be too busy to help others bear their loads,

Then I’ll keep drinking from my saucer ’cause my cup has overflowed.

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  1. good evening. my daughter is reciting this poem for her orator group. we would like to present some background on the original author john paul moore. it has proven to be a difficult task in finding some background. would you be able to assist us with our search? any assistance would be greatly appreciated. thank you for your time. have a blessed evening.

  2. John was my dad. He lived in Clearwater, Florida, where he was a builder. He published ohe book of poems, which includes the one mentioned. I would be glad to offer more information about him if th e lady wishes to email me. I just happened across this so it may be too late for what she needs.

  3. I would appreciate some information about John Paul Moore. I will be reading the poem, Drinking from My Saucer, at a United Methodist Women’s group.

    Thank you,

  4. We heard this poem at my Aunt Winnie’s funeral yesterday. We were so moved we had to look it up. She was 90 and my cousin found it after she went to be with Jesus! We prayed it wiuld touch many hearts!

  5. Is the poem at this sight the correct wording? I have found different versions and would like the original. I would like to add this poem to my collection of inspiring stories/poems I plan to compile. Could you as John Paul Moores child give me permission to use it? Thanks for your consideration!

  6. The wording is not entirely accurate–there have been several variations. Jimmy Dean did one and claimed he wrote it until his lawyer saw my Dad’s copyright. You can email me for more information about his book and the original words.

  7. You may send your email and questions and I will respond. Dad wrote several poems, but this is the best known and has appeared on placemats, funeral programs, Christmas letters, and over 3,000 web sites. Email: wavled@bellsouth.net

  8. I am a retired pastor who has authored a book that is ready for publishing. I am seeking permission to use a quote from the poem. My wife saw the quote years ago. The quote is “I’m drinking from my saucer cause my cup runneth over.”
    May I have permission to use the quote in the book?

    Syd Brestel

  9. I also would like to use the poem “Drinking from my Saucer”. Reminding us that we have all that we need, not all that we want.
    Could you tell me the publishing year or date(for citation) and do I have permission to use the poem?
    Sharon Williams

  10. Good evening,
    I’m the editor of our church group’s periodical and request permission to reprint this poem. We have a circulation of around 5000.

    Thank you,
    Aaron Yoder
    Calvary Messenger

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