Poem : Dark Clouds

I am lying in the meadows
Under the dark clouds shadows
The whispers of the dry wind
Echo the hollow of my ear
I look up to the dark sky
And tears fill my eye

I remember the time
When I had nowhere to run
The dark clouds had come
To spell doom on the sun
I see illusions of light
But these impair my sight

My eyes clouded with tears
With troubles of which I fear
Then I saw ,in between two clouds
A ray of hope and heard a voice Clear and loud
“Come to me all ye that labour,
And I will give you rest”

For he was gentle and humble in spirit
He carried our cross on his shoulders
Where would you find such a love,
As pure and white as a dove
I cried and cried, till my heart
Was as light as feather

And suddenly,I saw
A change in the weather
The dark clouds seemed to disappear
And my heart was free from fear
Filled with a heart full of joy
I began to run as fast as a boy
Running I could hear his voice
Calling me to dance and rejoice

– – – written by Richard Mathew

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