Poem : Christ understands the way you feel

Easter_Christ understands the way you feel

Do you sometimes feel so all alone,
And wish someone would call you on the phone?
Are there days when you wonder why you are here
And why your heart’s so full of fear?

Do you think no one else has felt that way
And that all the others are having a great day?
What you’re thinking may be true,
But chances are, others are feeling just like you.

Ask God to undertake for you,
To show you what He’d have you do.
There may be someone you should touch,
Someone who needs you very much.

God has a reason for you being here
And He can overcome your fear.
Go to Him, boldly, in Christ’s name.
He’ll take away your guilt and shame.

He’ll lead you into the bright sunshine
And show to you His will divine.
Just follow Him with what you know.
He’ll teach you more and with you go.

You can know He’s with you every day,
Leading and guiding you along life’s way;
Giving you peace and joy within,
Forgiving and cleansing you from your sin.

So, don’t give up and don’t despair.
God will go with you everywhere.
Christ understands the way you feel.
His fellowship and love are real.

– Author: Bob Hefner.

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