Poem : Becoming…


I never truly saw anything
Until my heart opened my eyes
Crawling alone in silence
Each move closer to the Source of sustenance.

I then, as a Chrysalis
Stood still to spin my cocoon.
Laying still, silent and prostrate inside
Awaiting transformation.

And when the time was right
To emerge complete and Fully changed.
Becoming so much more
By not resisting and allowing change
Yielding and Becoming.

A winged creature
Transformed by abandoning
All human power.
Allowing my heart and soul
To Remain
Rested and still.

Transforming from within
This spiritual,
Holy place,
Atoned, complete.

Even so
The more Courageous and Beautiful
Ready to meet every
Needed step.

To remain in awe,
To adore and accept
The way of
A true transformation.

Only Sacred,
Only Holy,
Only from Within,
Come Holy Spirit
Transform me…

– – – written by Cyndi Robinson

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