Poem : Awake In The Night

Awake in the Night

Awakened in the night by pain
I struggle with my thoughts.
The healing hasn’t come yet
My faith – all for naught.

Death – seems to prevail
In my knowledge of the truth,
Life remains the treasure,
In spite of my lost youth.

Make me not to question,
What I know not about.
For there can be no answer
Without another doubt.

I know not of the reasons.
This world turns as it does.
Only that I live and breathe
And trust in God above.

– – – written by Deb Delora

2 thoughts on “Poem : Awake In The Night”

  1. Dear Deb. If this poem is autobiographical then my heart goes out to you, and I ask God our Father to send his divine healing upon you very, very soon, in humility and worship. If it is not, then I ask God, Our father to send His divine healing upon those to whom the poem refers very, very soon, in humility and worship. My heart is with yours in your pain and, or compassion. Thank you for giiving me this opportunity, Deb. God, Our Father, Lord Jesus, Our Christ, and The indwelling Holy Spirit be with you and your loved ones. And all who need Lord Jesus’ special touch of Divine Love and friendship. Amen.:-)

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