People Are What Makes Them And Not How They Look

People Are What Makes Them

Let us think whether our conclusions are so fast. There is the famous quote which all of us might be very familiar which says “Do not judge a book by its cover and a person by his face.” It’s definitely a beautiful saying with a lot of relevance to today’s world. Most of us in our day-to-day life tend to judge things without knowing and analyzing its depth leading to problems innumerable.

The Shocking Incident

A few days back I also faced a situation like this. On the way to college while walking a few miles I heard footsteps behind me. As the usual human tendency I turned back and was little shocked and scared to see a thin short guy with a dark face and shabby hair behind me.

His first look made me feel scared and since there were no many people on the road I was left with no option but to walk fast… My heart was pounding as I could hear the footsteps of this man behind me. Not knowing what to do, I decided to walk a little slowly and let this man go ahead of me. Well my plan worked and this shabby looking man walked ahead of me.

Feeling relieved I followed him slowly… As I took small steps I saw quite a few banana peels on the road which could have led to the fall of many if unnoticed. But I was shocked to see this man bend down and pick up all those banana peels. I was wondering what he would do with this and my eyes simply followed him. On walking a little more this man throws the peels in the public dustbin and moves ahead.

Lessons I Learned

This made me realize so many things. Firstly a simple man like him was so selfless to pick up those dirt from the road just to ensure others safety, while educated people like us turned a blind eye towards it. Secondly, he was a great man by his deeds while I mistook him to be someone who was bad just by his looks.

Most of us today select our friends, houses, relationships and life partners just by looking at the outer beauty and glory…. How right they will be? The incident above thought me the lesson never to judge and assume things about people.

We fail to realize JESUS himself was born in a simple manger. He chose to roam around with the downtrodden and the rejected people. If the son of God could love and accept everyone equally why can’t we His creatures love one another and accept one another for what they are, irrespective of how they look outwardly.

Let us always remember, that people are what makes them and not how they look. Let us take a little while to understand people. Judge situations and then come to conclusions… This would lead to a happier and stress free environment around us.

– – – written by Sonal Lobo

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