LOVE – The best gift God gave to man

God blessed mankind with so many gifts. But the best, I would say, is the gift of Love. Its the best of all the emotions we have. Never hate anyone. To love is to forgive. The effect that this love creates in another is unimaginable. As we grow up through life, love takes different forms.

When we were kids, we loved only our parents. As we grew up a little , we learned to love our siblings and friends at school. A little later, we may develop a crush on someone and start to love that person in particular, looking forward for a partner for life. After marriage, we give or focus all our love to our partner. Sex in married life completes this deep love in full. When you become a father or mother, you develop a fatherly or motherly love for your kids. You care for their each and every need with great love for them. And at last, when you become a grandpa or grand mom, you again get a lot of children to love.

So we see that at each stage in our life, love takes different forms and whatever be that form, we see that its just beautiful.

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