God’s Rules – Lack of Freedom?

Gods Rules

God doesn’t want you to suffer the destruction from the sin of broken laws. Face it; law breaking is destructive, devastating, and self-defeating. Sure, sin has its pleasures. To say that sin is not inviting or enticing would be to lie. It woos us, it invites us, it sells us, it waters our appetite, but when we yield we suffer the consequences.

“The wage of sin is death” (Rom. 6:23). “But the man who commits adultery is an utter fool, for he destroys his own soul. Wounds and constant disgrace are his lot, for the woman’s husband will be furious in his jealousy, and he will have no mercy on you in the day of vengeance” (Prov. 6:32-34). The Old Testament vividly depicts the suffering and heartbreak which King David brought into his life by breaking God’s love-laws.

Because God loves us He has set up boundaries for our well-being.

I was sitting at one of those never turn green traffic signals waiting for the light to turn left. As I waited and waited, the fuse on my patience had about burned down to blast off. I thought to myself, “Here I sit. All this time lost, and nothing is coming from the other direction. Why can’t I just go ahead and turn anyway? Why do we have to have these stupid traffic lights? All they do is stop us and delay our forward motion.”

Then the thought came to me, “I wonder what it would be like without traffic lights and stop signs? Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just do away with all the traffic signs? Would it? You think we have murder on the highway now. What would it be like with everyone going through intersections at their own will and at high rates of speed? You wouldn’t be able even to drive down the road without getting killed for sure. You see, as much as we don’t like waiting at the traffic lights, all the delays and all the stops are for our own protection and well-being. Without them it would be murder. I said, “thank you Jesus, for this traffic signal that saves me from bodily injury and death itself.”

This is exactly why God gave us commandments. They are our traffic signals in life to protect us.

Look all around you at the crack ups, the breakdowns, all the hurting and deep emotional wounding; all the result of breaking the laws that God has laid down for our well-being. It is simple, obey the rules God has given us out of His love for us and have good emotional mental health. Or break them and bring great injury to yourself and others. “Love gave all the commandments and love fulfills all the commandments.”

– – – written by Dale E Galloway

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  1. Great, great point Georgy. At least God’s laws are born out of love and if we follow them love is what we will die with.

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