Why Are The Cribs Ignored?

Why are the cribs ignored

As we are in an age of mobile phones and email messages, Christmas cards lost their significance. Even those available are conveying messages that are unfit for Christmas.

But I was very much interested in a message I received through a Christmas card last year. It reads thus; “God would send us a scholar if our need was of knowledge. If the world had required scientific inventions, God would send us a scientist. If it was of wealth, He would send us an economist. But as our greatest need was of forgiveness of sins, God sent us a redeemer.”

‘A savior, Lord Jesus Christ, is born for you in the town of David’, this was the message given by the angels to the shepherds. Simon, filled with the Holy Spirit announced thus; ‘my eyes have seen the salvation prepared for the whole nations.’ The shepherds found their Saviour in the manger. So they were happy. The magi were filled with joy and they could find the baby in the manger.

But the cribs that are prepared in the Churches and houses today, never fill us with happiness. All have become just routine actions since we are fond of healing, miracles, a flight from the troubles and peripheral joys. If and only our main goal in life becomes the salvation of our souls, the birth of the Saviour can bring us joy.

Those who are unaware of sin may not need a Saviour. Today many looses the joy of accepting a Saviour, because they are unconscious of their sinful lives. The world needs most the forgiveness of sins. As such the World needs Christ. Because He alone is able to impart us the forgiveness of our sins.

The wind of the Holy Spirit must blow all over the world, as He gives repentance and consciousness of sins. We should strengthen the ministries of preaching the Gospel. The believers must pray from the bottom of their heart. A new feast of Pentecost; in it lies the deliverance of the world. Let us pray for this great dream. Thus the joy of Christmas be conveyed all over the nations.

Prayer: Lord, let there be a new feast of Pentecost that the joy of Christmas be felt everywhere. Help us to preach Gospel with all strength and means that all the hearts turn to Christ. Amen.

– – – written by Benny Punnathara

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