Largest Statue of Christ in the World

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Made of steel and cement, the Cristo de la Concordia (Christ of Peace) sculpture in Cochabamba is believed to be the largest statue of Christ in the world. It surpasses the more famous statue in Brazil, Christ the Redeemer, by just a few centimeters.

Both the Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer) statue in Rio de Janeiro and this in Bolivia are 33m (108 ft.) tall, because Christ died when he was 33 years old. Cochabambinos say the extra height is appropriate, since Christ actually lived “33 years and a bit.”

You can either ride a cable car or climb the 2,000 stairs to the top. Either method rewards visitors with fine views of the valley of Cochabamba and Tunari, the highest peaks in the area. On Sunday, you can climb to the top of the statue itself for even better views.

Cristo de la Concordia was modeled on the famous Cristo Redentor statue in Rio, but locals like to think that this one is more loving. The Copacabana version has more human features and, unlike its counterpart in Rio, its arms are outstretched in a welcoming embrace.

There is an outdoor Mass here every Sunday morning.

Quick Facts :-

Names – – -  Cristo de la Concordia; Christ of Peace
Type of site – – – Colossal statue of Christ
Size – – – 33m (108 feet) tall
Records – – – Largest statue of Christ in the world
Location – – – At the far eastern end of Av. Las Heroínas, Cochabamba, Bolivia
Hours – – – Tues-Sat 10am-7pm; Sun 9am-8pm; statue open for climbing on Sundays
Cost – – – Free to visit; cable car fare 3Bs (40¢) each way

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  1. Cristo Redentor is so welcoming. I have seen photos of Him. To see either rendition of Our Lord in person would be so special. Some don’t understand statues. Of course we don’t think they are the person they represent, merely they draw us closer, and help us remember who they represent. They can even foster devotion. If someone doubts this, then try to remove a picture of their Mother from their wallet, or their Father. Or a photo from a photo frame at home. We all have images to remember others. I have heard Christians say we shouldn’t have images, as God said this in the Old Testament at one time. Well, shortly after that, He ordered that angels be carved on the Ark of the Covenant. Why? Because the people’s hearts had changed. The issue was that He did not want them worshipping idols, not that he didn’t want them to have statues or photos. An idol is not a statue or photo, it is anything that stands in your way from focusing on the Lord. It could be anything that is not good, or even a good thing that one does in access. Shoot, it could even be excessive Twitter (any kind of social media) or addiction I suppose. But statues or photos or paintings in and of themselves are not bad, anything that draws your heart heavenward, or towards a noble person is good…

    Hope that made sense, amigo. I am not trying to give you a lesson, LOL. That speech was for any Christian or nonChristian who doesn’t understand why you posted about the beautiful Christ the Redeemer!

    krissy knox :)
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  2. From the 13th image (above)
    altura de la imagen = 34,20 mts
    altura del pedestal = 6,24 mts
    altura total = 40,44 mts

    Jesus was one who was against graven images …. and now, after 2,000 years is a race which of his graven representation is the greater! beautiful tourism industry and arts… but where is the Faith?

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