Key To Defeat Abuse

God-fearing people are generally expected to be innocent and humble. And for those working in God’s organization, they are expected to have these qualities in abundance. Though this is a valid premise, often it’s been used to abuse people and their personal rights.

It’s the lack of awareness about what God expects of His people that makes them give in to exploitation. That’s what is seen in Christ’s command to His staff : “be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves” (Matthew 10:16 NIV).

Though it may appear ironical, Christ wants them to have the #1 quality of two creatures exclusively opposite in nature. Shrewdness and innocence may not be considered hanging out together. But God expects His people to possess both in order to strike a perfect balance.

Being shrewd is not about being bad. It’s about being intelligent and wise. It’s the ability to discern what is genuine and right.

Innocence is not about being foolish and ignorant. It is about being straightforward, honest and real.

It takes both wings for an eagle to fly high. It takes both shrewdness and innocence for God’s people to live as God’s people in this world. This will help them conquer abuse and exploitation.

– – – written by Joe Abraham