I Was Born In Your Life, Jesus says

Jesus was born in Your Life

I was born naked, Jesus says,
So that you would know how to be stripped of yourself.
I was born poor,
so that you would consider me your only treasure.
I was born in a stable
So that you would learn how to sanctify every environment.
I was born weak, Jesus says
So that you would have no fear of me.
I was born for love
So that you would never doubt my love.
I was born in the night
So that you may believe that I am able to enlighten every reality.
I was born a human, Jesus says,
So that you would never be embarrassed to be yourself.
I was born human
So that you would be able to be divine.
I was born persecuted
So that you would be able to accept difficulties.
I was born in simplicity so that you would stop being complicated.
I was born in your life, Jesus says,
In order to bring all into my Father’s house!

– – – written by Lambert Noben

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  1. Hello all, good morning and God Bless!

    My life changing incident happened on 11-22-2008. I had a 21 minute seizure after a drug overdose (and was bouncing around on the floor like a fish out of water). The entire time I was seizing, I saw the Lord above me looking down on me (he wasn’t smiling at me or frowning). BUT HE WAS THERE THE ENTIRE TIME! Mind you I’m never

    There was a bright yellow light to his immediate left and a bright grey light to his immediate right (he was at 12:00 and in middle constantly with me and watching over me, while both color lights were on both sides of him. He was not smiling at me and he wasn’t frowning at me (just with me the entire time I went through the convulsion).

    This message I interpreted as, “STOP BEING LUKE WARM” and chose the light (which is the only way and the truth vice the dark/grey which is not of him). Make your choice son, ONE OR THE OTHER!

    There are some DEEP/PERSONAL feelings and details around this near death (or “New Life”). I may have actually died and or I was seconds from dying as we know it.

    The Lord was there the entire time with me when I went what I went through (there are very deep/personal details that go along with this but I feel SUPER BLESSED AND GIFTED and called PERSONALLY by the Lord (but do not know specifically what’s next but to pray and ask for guidance and direction). I know my testimony is very strong/real/and deep and could help another brother or sister in Christ and or anyone else who hears this.

    Any info/words/bible study/history on this matter (in regards to a believer seeing the Lord while/during I was dying from this world)? That would be helpful as I am trying to learn more and see if I emulate any specific one disciple mentioned in the word. Thank you and God Bless!


    Richard (Southern Cali)

    E mail address:


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