Housewarming Prayer

God Bless Our Home

By sweat of human forehead built,
And money earned in honest ways;
Reside good Christians within it;
God bless this family always!

O Holy Spirit, Dove of peace,
Preserve love, faith and unity;
Help us to live our life with ease
Through fortitude and piety.

O Mother Mary, pray for us!
Ask Jesus Christ to ever bless,
And keep our souls in grace of God,
Until we part to His abode!

Saint Joseph, show us God is first,
And how to be a father best;
And teach our children about Christ,
And emulate the Holy Nest.

O saints and angels, dwell here-in;
Pray that we stay away from sin;
And keep our soul’s gaze towards God,
Living our lives, like Jesus Lord.

O Jesus Lord, bless us, we pray;
Protect this home both night and day;
Help us to carry our life’s cross,
And serve God nobly without pause!

Lord Jesus, be our guiding Light;
Help us to speak the Truth always;
Goad us to do all things aright;
Proclaiming God to human race!

– – – written by Dr John Celes

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