Help Only From Right Source

Help Only From Right Source

I am the Lord your God… you shall have no other gods before me. This age old law obliges us to seek all our supernatural knowledge and power from the Blessed Trinity. Seeking it from creatures is very dangerous.

We ask the Father or the Son or the Holy Spirit to supply our needs. We are safe when we follow Jesus. While interceding with the saints, we rely on the special privileges and benefits that God has given them. We venerate Mother Mary and saints because we cannot deny whom God has accepted. Yet, worship and adoration belong to God alone.

There are many cases where young people dabble in white magic or, sometimes, black magic which is used to harm people. Occasionally they may feel driven towards this as an outlet for their anger, for their pain, or as a means to get revenge in a powerful way or even to get a good friend from the supernatural world.

There are also some people especially youth, who invite the spirits for their help. Under the guise of good spirits, the Devil is coming to help them. They suffer great negative consequences and live to regret this curiosity. Many are not even able to overcome its bad effects; thus it shows that the devil tries to make them slaves. Instead of magic, our young people could follow Jesus who is the living source of all power and authority.

In the testimony we see how superstition can do damage to the person who employs it. It shows how easily one can fall into despair, and the great suffering and tragedy that can result. In particular, it emphasizes how Jesus is the answer. He said, “I am the way, the truth and the life… (John 14:6).

If we but surrender our pain and suffering to Jesus, He will bring about the means of forgiveness and healing. The love and forgiveness of the Lord Jesus is the only good way out of any difficult situation.

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