God is in control

God is in control

A few scientists went to the snow-capped North Pole for research. One of them was caught among the ridges of the ice.

Snow enveloped him but he found one small slit to which he put his nose and breathed. Unfortunately, some poisonous gas emanated from the stove which he carried and blocked the slit. He was choked and he began thinking of his wife and children whom he had left far behind.There was no one to take care of them if he did not survive.

Then, for a moment he composed himself and looked at the blue sky and the stars above. He realized that God was on His throne above all and was watching him.

He knew God is in control and would not forget him. This thought was a ray of hope to him in his solitude. At that North Pole he was not alone but God was with him. God had concern for that scientist and in good time he sent few men to look for him. They split the blocks and miraculously saved his life.

Our Heavenly Father who is on His throne is in full control of all that happens in our life.

Nothing can touch us without His will.

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  1. There is a beautiful way of expressing. Gods. Loving. Grace nthis is one of the many ways. Thank u for taking this time to put it kn web. God bless u ame.

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