Faith + Honor

Faith + Honor

There is something amazing about faith. Jesus often praised those who exercised their faith.

Once, a high official in the Roman army had his servant lying seriously ill. He wished Jesus to come and heal him. But because he greatly honored Jesus, he considered himself not worthy of having Him in his house. So he requested Jesus to speak a word of healing from the place He was at and believed his servant would get well! The Scriptures record that Jesus marveled at his daring faith (Luke 7:9). And the servant was healed miraculously!

Faith is always connected to honor. The Roman official highly honored the authority and ability of Jesus. So he was able to exercise his faith in Jesus. And the miracle happened!

The opposite also works. Jesus could not perform any miracle among a group of people who knew Him from his infancy. They did not honor Him. So their faith couldn’t work. And they missed their miracle (Mark 6:6).

Today, Jesus is ready and well able to perform miracles in your life. What you need to do is to honor Him and act out in faith. Honor His authority and ability. Honor His ministers (1 Thessalonians 5:12). And your faith will arise. It will fetch extraordinary blessings into your life!

– – – By Joe Abraham & Ancy Joe

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