Easter Wishes Wallpapers

Happy Easter to all the readers of TBTG website. Wish you all the blessings of our risen king, Lord Jesus Christ. Just above, we have provided 20 Easter wishes wallpapers for free download. Click on any of the above thumbnail images to view and save the full-size picture to your computer or mobile device. Send them to your relatives and friends this Easter.

In these tough times, when the world around us is being ripped apart by many humans, showing no mercy or love for their fellow brothers or sisters, the message of Easter is very loud and clear. Life doesn’t end here on this planet Earth which many of us consider as their last place, then death and nothing more. Easter reminds us that death is not the end, there is resurrection, there is life after death, there is Heaven and Hell. 

If we consider the life of our soul to be one hour, the time we spend here on Earth won’t even come close to one minute. What we eagerly await is to be with our almighty God, our Creator praising Him in the presence of all the angels and all others who went there before us. So lets stop fighting. Lets stop finding fault. Lets stop worrying about being rich. Lets stop finding fault with others. Lets make use of our short time of 60-90 years here on Earth doing the duties God bestowed upon us, but at the same time in constant gratitude for all His blessings and loving all our brothers and sisters here on Earth and most importantly in constant hunger to be with HIM in the paradise getting ready for the great occasion.

If you would like to have more Easter backgrounds or wallpapers like the above ones for your computer or mobile device, you can visit the following links:

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  1. Beautiful Message. God Bless you Georgy in 2021 for still keeping this beautiful website alive. Wish you and all the TBTG readers a very happy Easter.

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