Drawing of Jesus : Why this one so special?

Jesus Drawing

“ALL DONE WITH A SINGLE STROKE OF THE PEN” – Copyrighted 1884, by the Publishers, Knowles & Maxim.

What do you feel when you read the above lines at the bottom of the drawing? Just Amazing, right?

Well, if it’s a genuine claim, its truly AWESOME! Imagine, this picture being drawn by a single stroke of pen! Well, it sure looks hard to believe, at first.

But, when we remember the fact that there are several people in this world with extra-ordinary abilities, whatever field you consider (drawing included) , the chance for the above claim to be genuine cannot be discarded completely and it cannot be stamped a “fraud” one. Right?

What do you say about the “SPECIAL” drawing given above?

(click on above pic to see it in full dimensions)

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