Courage To Do Dangerous Things

Courage to do dangerous things

So, if a young man feels that he is adventurous, let him take up holiness.

A close observation will reveal that young people are always adventurous. Being adventurous is not a sin. In fact, it is God’s gift. But a young man does not know how to express his adventurousness. So he takes to activities which seem to be very adventurous. But though most of the activities he does are adventurous, they are not only useless but also dangerous to him and to the society.

Most young men take pride in being able to ride the bike very fast. They feel that they can show to the world that they are very courageous by riding the bike at such a speed and in such manner. A child looks at them and tells himself, “One day I must ride the bike like this.” But the young man from whom the child got inspiration faces an accident and realizes the uselessness and danger of such activities and stops such things. But the child grows up and imitates that young man or does more dangerous things than him. Some times it ends in fatal accidents or life long handicaps. This vicious cycle continues.

They show courage in swimming in dangerous rivers and seas. They show courage in fighting with the authority. They show courage in going near dangerous animals. They do many other things like this. Some young men show their adventurous nature by resigning the job they have, thinking that they can get another one so easily. They realize the foolishness of these acts only when it is impossible to revert the consequences of their acts. These are some areas where Satan misguides the young generation to misuse the sacred gift of adventurousness given by God.

Saints are people who realize their adventurousness. But since this adventurousness is guided by Jesus himself, it bears fruit and brings great benefit to the society. They show their adventurousness in the most adventurous task, i.e., holiness. For choosing holiness as their field to prove their adventurousness, they are indebted to their parents also. Their parents show them that holiness is the most adventurous thing in life. They also show their children that holiness is a useful adventure. It is useful to both the one doing that adventure and to the people who observe his adventure.

Choosing holiness is the greatest adventure. All are called to this adventure. If anyone feels that this world does not offer him anything adventurous, I will tell him to try holiness once. You will see that only the really strong go all the way. And the ordinary will bid adieu sooner than they start. Holiness is for that sturdy, trendy young guy. The remaining just fret and strut in streets and campuses and bars and clubs. The strong fight their way to the Kingdom of God. For every other adventure, desire is enough. But for holiness, desire must be accompanied with great strength and will power. So holiness is the greatest adventure this world can offer.

So, if a young man feels that he is adventurous, let him take up holiness. It is truly challenging. A rash ride on the bike requires a moment’s courage. Resigning a job requires a few days courage. And there will always be many to encourage this adventure. That encouragement itself takes away the real pleasure of that adventure. Choose holiness. It requires courage of a life time. No one except God will be there to support you. No one except God will be there to encourage you and applaud. This darkness is really adventurous and exciting. This trusting the Unseen is really adventurous. Everything else is mere sham. I feel that a sister or a priest who has shut herself or himself within the four walls of a cloister is the most adventurous person on this earth.

When everybody jumps into a strong current, it requires courage to tell oneself, “No, I won’t do it.” When everybody copies in the exam, it requires courage to say no to that extra mark that can be had by copying. When everybody jumps the red light, it requires courage to say no to that extra time that one can have by violating that rule. And when everybody goes to that bad movie, the courage one requires to sit at home is unfathomable. When everybody goes to tuition and some other coaching missing the holy mass, being willing to miss that tuition and coaching is not a child’s play.

A person who can restrain himself from doing something when there are many to applaud doing that thing is adventurous. A person doing something when there are many to applaud is being just ordinary. Trying to receive praise is ordinary. Being able to bear scorn is extraordinary. Doing something when reward in one form or the other can be seen is ordinary. Doing something when reward cannot be seen in any form is really adventurous.

– – – written by Adv. Shibu Varghese

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