Conquer Your Dream Stoppers

Conquer Your Dream Stoppers

There are people who have big dreams. But somehow some of them are unable to begin working on it. Even when they did get to start, they suffer breakdowns in between.

Here are some smart tips to help you defeat ‘dream stoppers’ and move on to seeing your dreams fulfilled.

1) Make sure your dream is from God. Search the Scriptures asking God to give you clarity. Once clarity comes in, confidence builds up.

2) Write down your dream. Write possible ways to work on your dream. Sometimes it’s the vague idea that creates the ‘starting trouble’. Writing down will surely help.

3) Throw off ‘perfect start’. Perfect start is a mindset that says everything must be in perfect place in order to launch something. It is true that you must plan, prepare, and be ready before the launch. But it’s foolish to think that you must be perfectly ready so that everything is going to go exactly as you planned! Most of the time, unexpected things do creep up.

4) Evaluate your fears. What do you think that’s going to happen if your dream fails to happen? Surely that’s not the end of your life! Evaluating your fears will help you eliminate it.

5) Renew your trust in Jesus. He gave up every precious thing to save you. Then will He back off now! Rejoice in His promises. Trust Him more than all.

6) Start now. Don’t wait another day. With whatever you have in your hands, launch out. You find more resources as you go.

7) Take responsibility. There is only one human being who is interested in your dream than others – that’s you! Take responsibility for seeing your dreams come to pass. Avoid the trap of blaming others for every difficulty.

8) Be ready to pay the price. Sometimes one focuses too much on the dream. But he conveniently avoids paying the price for accomplishing the dream. Any worthy product has a worthy price. One must count the cost and be ready to pay it to see the dream being fulfilled.

9) Be a self-initiator. Some people are good at starting something alone. But some others are good at starting something with a team. While it is good to search for a good team, there are times, especially in the beginning days, when you have to be a self-initiator. Why? Because others are not around! However as you keep on moving forward, you find people backing you up.

Enjoy your dream. Enjoy accomplishing it.

– – – written by Joe Abraham

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