Click On The +1 Buttons

Plus One Button

I hope many have noticed the new Plus One button (image given above) in this website, replacing the old Google Buzz button. It appears just after the heading/title of each page or article here. Ever wondered what this button does?

Clicking on the +1 button just means you are telling your friends/family that this article or page is worth a good read. You are just promoting good content on the internet so that others can find it more easily in this vast web-sphere. I hope  you all got a basic idea about what these +1 buttons are capable of.

Google says by +1-ing an article you’re giving it a recommendation, a stamp of approval. More +1’s on a page means the site is more interesting.

When you see a +1 button on sites, you can recommend a product, news article, movie or other content to your friends. When your Google connections search for content or a site, they will see your +1’s their search results.

So found something interesting here in TBTG? Go ahead, give the article a +1.

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