Christmas Video : His Nativity Using His Names

See this wonderful Video, Christmas Special from GodTube.

This is a Christmas video using the many names of God set to the “Nativity Story”


His Birth – Foretold in ancient writings

His Birth – A miracle that would threaten an Empire

His Birth – Would bring forth a revolution of New Life and shine light into a world filled with darkness

His Birth – Would change the world

His Birth – Would be the greatest gift God has ever given

May the miraculous gift of Christ fill your home with faith, Your heart with hope and your life with love.

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  1. Dear Ministry, I was very blessed by this power point video about Jesus birth. I am directing a musical drama at our church. I would love to show this at the beginning but didn’t notice any way of downloading it. Could I have your permission to do so and instructions on how to copy? Thank you and God Bless!
    Jayne Cooper

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