Childcare Is Important


Children are people who are going to carry on what you have started.
They are going to sit where you are sitting,
and when you are gone, attend to
those things which you think are important.

You may adopt all the policies you please,
but how they are carried out depends on them.
They will assume control of your cities,
your states, and your nation.

They will move in and take over your churches,
your schools, your universities, and your corporations.
All your books are going to be judged, praised and condemned by them.
The fate of humanity is in their hands.

– by Abraham Lincoln

1 thought on “Childcare Is Important”

  1. This is very true. The future is in the children’s hands as they will be running the places once we are too old too. It is important to bring them up well and make sure they have good social skills from childcare centres.

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