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November 26th, 2008

How Many Gods Are There?

How Many Gods Are There

How Many Gods Are There? Well, as all of you know, there can be and there is only one God.

Different group of people call this one god in different names, as taught by their ancestral fathers. (No wonder there are a lot of religions in this world). But whose God is really THE ONE? As I am a Christian, I will say Ours is the true God. A Hindu will say his God is the real one. No point in arguing about these here.

But the thing is, whatever be the religion you are in, whoever be The Almighty God you believe in, follow the instructions and rules upheld by your particular religion. Because each religion will have an expected code of conduct and doing things against this, knowing it is not the right thing, will result in a sin.

And whoever be the God you believe in, He wouldn’t really appreciate sins.

November 25th, 2008

Dont make fun of God Almighty

Dont make fun of God Almighty

Please don’t make fun of God Almighty by putting His image in the food you eat like pizza and all. Nowadays I see people inserting His image in some foods, just to boost their sales.

Take a look at this ad line “Jesus Pizza – Amazing pizza! SO good that it must have some part of jesus in it. Just a bit at least. No good without the dipping sauce. Dude, lets go to Twice the deal to get some jesus pizza.” and finally it might also contain an image of Christ or made in His shape.

The food won’t have any supernatural effect even if you put the image of God on it. It won’t contain a bit of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Jesus is present in no earthly food, except in the Holy Eucharist and when you do all these nasty things, you are actually insulting Him and the Holy Eucharist.

November 25th, 2008

Dont Threaten Children

Dont Threaten Children

We people try a lot of stuff to make children obey. That includes the Santa thing and J’esus will punish you’ etc, like in the above comic.

But, please don’t make them panic by  giving a wrong view about Jesus. Don’t make Jesus look as if He is the one waiting to punish the boy  if he does something wrong. The whole thing may cause a negative image of Christ to develop in his mind.

Do it the other way. When he does something really bad, tell him “Oh! So you are not with Jesus, You like Satan more? Hey! Look…. Jesus is just crying seeing what you did just now…” and stuff like that.

Make them love Christ, and don’t make them hate Him.

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