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June 20th, 2010

Godly Dads Video

Godly Dads video clip is given above.

Play the above video explaining all about our dearest Godly Dads. Children, please take a moment to share this special video message with the Godly Dads in your life as a reminder of what a blessing they are to us. And Dads, just read on to know what you can do to fulfill the call.

On Father’s day perhaps the greatest question every husband and father should ponder is “Am I fulfilling my high calling from God to bless my wife and children?”

Today as we open to I Peter 3, we proclaim the incredible duty that God has given to husbands and fathers to bless those around them in their life and family. God’s Word declares that He has chosen husbands to lead their homes and marriages with Christlike love. Jesus showed us how to love by His example to His disciples. Part of what every born again husband and father will stand before Christ’s Throne and explain is how he did at blessing his wife and family with Christ’s sacrificial love.

Specifically husbands and fathers have the opportunity every day to BLESS their children (and wives) in three very crucial ways.

Men, write these down, and ask yourself over the next few minutes, “Am I doing this?”
  • Godly Dads can bless their children (and wives) by their Time invested in them.
  • Godly Dads can bless their children (and wives) by their Lifestyle lived out as a servant.
  • Godly Dads can bless their children (and wives) by their Words of blessing, spoken aloud to those they love.
God will not ask how profitable his company was, how successful his investment strategies were, how well his building projects were, He will say, “I called you to be a blessing—how did you do at that calling?”.

To sum up, all of you be harmonious, sympathetic, brotherly, kindhearted, and humble in spirit; not returning evil for evil or insult for insult, but giving a blessing instead; for you were called for the very purpose that you might inherit a blessing.

Download PDF –  How Godly Dads Can Bless Their Children

June 2nd, 2010

End Abortion By 2020

Let us end abortion by the year 2020. So do an Abortion Blackout right now.

First, please watch the above video clip which will tell you all about the abortion figures in US alone!

Download Video Here

Over 50 Million abortions have taken place in the US since 1973. Your tax money was used to fund abortion. It’s time to stand up together and make a difference and End Abortion by 2020! Help the pro-life movement with all your heart.

What Can You Do

1. Pledge to wear Black on Fridays.

Join others and pledge to wear black on Fridays to mourn the lives lost to abortion. This is a very simple way for you to get involved immediately and show others what you believe.

2. Educate.

Begin a dialogue with friends and tell them what you believe and why. Use the resources on this site to help educate them. Discuss with your children and teens the truth of what abortion is and how to prevent falling into situations where they would be confronted with having to make those tough choices, and what to do if someone they know is considering having an abortion.

3. Donate $1 a week to make a difference.

This is an easy way to make a direct impact in the life of a pregnant mother and her unborn child. Giving just one dollar for every Friday you wear black, will help us spread this cause and help support Crisis Pregnancy Resource Centers across the United States. These centers give women real choices that do not include abortion. They help pregnant women by giving them free sonograms, providing them diapers, formula and cribs, etc. They also help women through the adoption process if they choose, and provide them housing if their families have abandoned them.

Sign the pledge, get involved, spread the word.

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May 29th, 2010

God Made Me

Watch the above music video song – God Made Me

This video song uses humor to teach kids that its God who created them.

Download God Made Me Video Clip

Want to download the above video song? Download Now

Lyrics of God Made Me song

God made slugs and bugs and rats and bats

And nasty bees that don’t say please

They’ll sting your elbows and your knees if you chase them

God made snakes and snails and killer whales

and if you were a baby seal

Then you will be a tasty meal for orcas

But God made me like he made the sea

He filled it up with green and blue

He sent His Son, His Only One

To fill me up and make me new.

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