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October 1st, 2010

Christian Clip Art

Christian Clip Art images of 1024 x 768 resolution, the ideal desktop wallpaper size, are given above. They mostly show Jesus or Mary along with Bible verses.

Check out each of the above clipart images of Jesus and Mary, mostly with scripture also included in the wallpaper clip art image. You can download any of them by just clicking on the desired thumbnail image and copy the full sized picture when it loads in the new window. simple!

We are constantly searching for more and more new Christian Clip-arts from around the globe, from the different variety of artists. We will soon be adding the second set of Christian Clip Art images and wallpapers which are free for download. Do share these pictures with your friends and family too. God Bless You.

September 28th, 2010

Psalm Wallpapers

Psalm Wallpapers are given above. These 16 psalm desktop wallpapers given for free here are just a sample. Here I introduce to you all a beautiful website with tons of Bible Verse wallpapers, not only Psalms.

That cute website is run by Trevor Bowers, a close friend of mine.

Website URL –

I highly recommend each one of you to visit the above mentioned website because I am sure you all need more wallpapers than just the Psalm wallpapers, right? You will find lots and lots of wallpapers in the website, as it was started in 2009.  So expect a huge collection there, made available for you, completely free.

If you spend more time online or more time on computer (I do, as I work in the software field), a good bible verse wallpaper will be a great boost to your daily spiritual life. I can guarantee that. And just imagine if you happen to have many at hand so that you can cycle them daily on your desktop, using each Bible verse wallpaper a day and changing them constantly. That’s where the usefulness of such a wonderful free Christian wallpaper site comes into play.

I may be publishing many more Bible wallpapers from Trevor’s site, here on TBTG. But be aware that they will just be a portion of the vast amount of Christian Bible wallpapers available at his website.

So friends, whats the delay? Go straight to

September 3rd, 2010

Jesus Christ Pictures – Image Set 28

Jesus Christ Pictures – Image Set 28 is here in such a short time. The pictures of Jesus Christ given in this set, all the 20 of these, are rare ones and I am sure you wont find them so common in this vast Internet. Many are fit for your desktop as wallpapers while some of them are a little smaller than the ideal wallpaper size.

28 sets – Yes – And we are sure this will go on till world’s end as more nice pictures of Jesus appear rapidly, thanks to the expert artists who are behind these images. You can click on any of the thumbnail given above. That will take you to the particular picture page with the picture in full size. You can right-click on the image and select ‘save image as’ to save the image to your computer. Set the best one you like among these as your wallpaper and feel his grace all day as you look at your computer screen.

More Jesus Christ Pictures Here:-


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