Book : How to Pray for Your Children


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What are your hopes for your children? That they’ll become strong Christians? That they’ll be able to resist the temptations around them? That they’ll live the kinds of lives that will make a difference in the world? Quin Sherrer and Ruthanne Garlock had these same concerns for each of their three children. In this classic book, Quin and Ruthanne teach us how to pray for both our godly and wayward children, for our children’s friends, for those in authority over our children, for children in the womb and for chronically ill or dying children.

Whatever your concerns for your children, whatever their condition at this moment, this book will inform, instruct and inspire you to persevere in your prayers for your children.

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I was visiting at my Mother’s and saw this book, started to read and literally couldn’t put it down. I have since ordered my own from, so I now have my own. A must have for your collection. – Kim Kipling

I’ve only just started Quin Sherrer’s How To Pray for Your Children but I find it so encouraging. It’s easy to stop praying when God doesn’t give an instant answer. She reminds us that Satan will try to sabotage your relationship with the person you are praying for. How true. – Janelle Anderson

About the Author : Quin Sherrer

Quin Sherrer’s long time passion has been to teach Christians how to pray more effectively through practical, biblical and sometimes humorous insights she has gained from her personal life experiences and from the thousands of people she has interviewed.

Quin has written or co-authored 2 books. Several have been best sellers, including How to Pray for Your Children, A Woman’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare, and Miracles Happen When You Pray.

Her most current book is Lord, Help Me Break This Habit-You Can Be Free from Doing the Things You Hate by Chosen Books (Baker Book Division) co-written with Ruthanne Garlock.

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