Please be on the alert against the gravest sins you could ever commit in your life…

They include:-

1. Non-Marital Sex

2. Homosexuality

3. Murder

4. Masturbation

Yeaaa…Don’t be surprised to see the last one along with the others…Nowadays media gives the idea that masturbation is ok…..BUT IT IS NOT OK….

Ofcourse,we are all humans and we have our own limitations. But remember that we have a god-given free will, which helps us to choose what is good from the bad. So try to do that whenever you can. And even if, we fail at sometimes, please make sure that you repent and confess the sins at the earliest.

Our Heavenly Father is so great and kind that He cannot but forgive our sins for which we are really sorry. So keep this in mind. I know all of you want to be in Heaven as none likes to go to Hell. But apart from doing good things to be in Heaven only, just do those good things to make your Creator happy that He has created you. Let us try our level best to keep away from these sins so that we minimize tears flowing from His eye, when He sees us sinning against His will.

I will explain about each of these sins in my upcomming posts….Keep checking this site…