5 Tips For The Race Of Life

5 Tips for the race of life

All of us are called to run a race. For some, it may be a lengthy one while for some others, it may not be so long.

We are not called to stand still. It may appear sometimes that standing still is the best option. Nevertheless it has a negative side also. Too much of ‘standing still’ can lead to too much more of ‘standing still’!

God’s original plan for each of us is to be ‘a mover and a shaker’. In other words, God wants us to keep ourselves engaged in the act of moving and doing. In spite of one’s failures and weaknesses, moving forward is the divine command that’s already been given. Look at Adam, the first man in the Bible. He was put in a lavishly wonderful garden, not to live lazily (“eat and sleep for tomorrow I die”!), but to work promptly.

Work isn’t a curse. It was ordained before any curse came on earth. Work is obedience to God because it was commanded by God Himself. It’s not wise to complain about your work because you are not there by accident but by divine appointment. You may like to see a change in your work. However God wants the work to change you – to change you into someone better, stronger and wiser.

It’s not enough to be satisfied with your work. You are given that work to bring improvement to your life and life skills. Being satisfied shouldn’t be connected to being comfortable. Even while being stretched, you can enjoy work.

Here are five ways to get back on track if you sense you have missed it.

1. Know Your Purpose

Jesus said in John 12:27 (ESV) “…for this purpose I have come…”. Here are three questions you must ask yourself to know your purpose.

a) What am I here for?
b) What are my goals?
c) What has my past taught me?

Answering these will give clarity to understanding your purpose in life.

2. Know Your Passion

Everyone has different passions. One may be interested to run a business. Another may be interested to be a missionary. Going for Scriptural examples, Joshua’s passion was different from that of David. Nehemiah was passionate to build while Elijah was passionate to prophecy.

What’s your passion? Find it to get back on track.

3. Know Your Potential

God has given each one of us great potential. We are accountable to Him for what He has given us (Matthew 25:14-30). It is said that only around 5% of people are interested in finding and developing their potential. Are you one among them?

Find out what you are good at. Find out how much you can grow in it.

4. Know Your Place

All of us are not called to function at the same place. A doctor has a different part to play compared to an engineer. Apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers have their own parts to do in the church (Ephesians 4:11-12).

Find out what’s your role on this earth.

5. Know Your Package

You are created in God’s image (Genesis 1:27). So you have a unique individuality and creativity.

Apostle Paul didn’t preach or write like apostle Peter. You have got something special to give to this world. You are different. Your product is different. Even when you do a job similar to others, you can mix it with your unique styles and tastes and offer it as a unique work. Bring out your unique and distinct package.

It is never too late to get back on track. Whatever has happened, now is the right and the best moment to get back on track if you are ‘standing still’. Jesus has promised to be with you all through the journey. So get back on track and enjoy the race!

– – – written by Joe Abraham from www.joeandancy.com

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