Pope John Paul II Slideshow

Download : Pope John Paul II Slideshow Click on the link above to download Pope John Paul II slideshow (2.27 MB) Preview:- Definition of Forgetting: Cessation of memory, Cessation of affection, Neglect of something that should be kept in mind. Now I am going to ask YOU a question: Did you forget me? If you did, … Read more

Conquer Your Dream Stoppers

How To Conquer Your Dream Stoppers

There are people who have big dreams. But somehow some of them are unable to begin working on it. Even when they did get to start, they suffer breakdowns in between. Here are some smart tips to help you defeat ‘dream stoppers’ and move on to seeing your dreams fulfilled. 1) Make sure your dream … Read more

The Story of The Todah

The Story of The Todah.jpg

The Passover was once in a year, but the Eucharist is daily offered, why? This article answers the question. At the Last Supper in the Upper Room in 33 A.D. Jesus Christ used the word Todah instead of the word Eucharist in Greek which means thanksgiving. The New Testament was written in Greek. Scholars have … Read more

Are You Willing?

Are you Willing

World counts the best, but God counts the worst to make them the best in the world. The stone that you the builders despised turned out to be the most important of all. (Acts 4: 11) “Survival of the fittest”, is a phrase coined by Henry Spencer, an English philosopher, sociologist and a classical liberal … Read more