Evening Prayer

Mom with sleeping child

When eventide approaches and light of day grows dim I tiptoe to my sleeping child, to gaze in awe of him. Curly head and dimpled cheek so dear, in sweet repose. Soft sounds of slumber emanate, melodious dreaming, I suppose. No word can speak, nor tongue may tell, the love that swells my soul, as … Read more

Poem : Is This Your Child?

Dirty Boy

Is this your child? someone asked me when I was shopping in a crowded store. Is this your child? I stopped for a moment and looked at at my son. He hadn’t let me comb his hair that day, and he wore his favorite teeshirt which was decorated in ketchup red and chocolate brown. His … Read more

Poem : God Bless The Mothers

God Bless the Mothers

God bless the the mothers, the ones who rock their children and place them in warm cradles. God bless the mothers, the ones who wrap their children and hide them from bullets and terror. God bless the mothers, those who take their children to the movies, and buy them popcorn. God bless the mothers those … Read more

Third Anniversary of TurnBackToGod

Third Anniversary of TurnBackToGod

Hi Friends, today we are celebrating the third anniversary of turnbacktogod website. The almighty GOD has blessed us abundantly all through these 3 glorious years and we could really feel his presence in each new step we took in this TBTG mission. Thank you Lord, thank you so much for guiding us holding this little … Read more

Catholic Artwork

Take a look at the Christian Artwork displayed above. Hope you love them all. Visit www.catholic-artwork.com to purchase any artwork of this type. Our traditional Catholic art is available uniquely displayed on a handmade poplar American hardwood plaque. Each Catholic wood plaque or diptych will have an intricate and exquisite gold border and an elegant and smooth … Read more