Whatever It Takes, Pursue Wisdom

Whatever It Takes, Pursue Wisdom

I remember taking a course in Hebrew language while doing my theological studies. The one who was teaching us was a Hebrew scholar. He was an alumnus of the famous Hebrew University at Jerusalem. The only problem was we didn’t get what he was trying to teach us! The more he taught, the more we became confused.

We contacted the academic dean and reported our helpless state. He had an idea. He temporarily changed the teacher. Our new Hebrew teacher was not as highly qualified as the former. But, amazingly, within the first half-hour of his teaching, he solved our hours of confusion! And the more he taught, the more we enjoyed Hebrew.

What really happened? The former teacher had head knowledge but the latter one had practical knowledge to communicate the head knowledge.


God not only created the world but He also gave man the wisdom (practical knowledge) to run His creation. He isn’t interested in man having a ‘puffy head’ with ‘skinny hands’! God wants man to have a strong grasp of the ‘theory’ and the ‘application’. That’s why David was a victorious warrior, Joseph a prudent food minister, Daniel a wise administrator, Nehemiah an intelligent architect and Paul a productive church planter.

In order to have qualified people providing quality service and products, we need to give more emphasis to both theoretical know-how and practical know-how. You may have a million-dollar-worth idea but you may not know what to do with it or how to apply it. Hence your brilliant idea remains functionally useless and penniless! How do you solve this problem?

Here are four smart ways:

1. Take responsibility. This is the initial essential step to enhance productivity in your career and life. Blaming people or systems will not work. When you are thirsty, it’s you who decide to drink a cup of water! Take responsibility to learn new ideas for your growth and productivity.

2. Ask God for wisdom. Wisdom is the ability to apply knowledge. God wants us to ask Him for wisdom so that we can have a continuous and unlimited download of wisdom for our career and life (see James 1:5). Asking God works!

3. Learn from the Scriptures. The Bible is full of wisdom principles. When you invite Jesus Christ (who is called Wisdom) to impart wisdom through His Word, He will open your eyes to see wisdom.

4. Learn from success stories. Trial-and-error way-of-learning is costly and time consuming. Rather, decide to learn from those who excel in your field. Attend their conferences. Buy their resources. Meet with them. Ask them!

Whatever it takes, pursue wisdom! (Proverbs 4:7)

– – – written by Joe Abraham

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