What is The Bible?

What is The Bible

The Bible is a set of glasses, that allows me to see things of the spiritual world that have an effect on me. The Bible is a multi-course meal that helps me to grow, It feeds my spirit and teaches me things I need to know.

The Bible is a lamp that lights a path in front of me. It disperses the darkness that tries to hold and stop me. The Bible is a history of how God worked through men. How He sent His only Son, so my sins could be forgiven.

The Bible is a prayer-book of praises to almighty God. It shows the paths that many saints have already trod. The Bible is an instructor’s manual of how we are to live. It shows me how to give mercy and how I am to forgive.

The Bible is a songbook, full of love and sweet music. It’s directed by God through the power of the Holy Spirit. The Bible is a record of God’s words He spoke to man, and He hopes we will read it, enough to understand.

The Bible is a sword that is used in spiritual warfare. But it’s a dual edged sword and must be used with care. The Bible shields my heart, my soul, and my whole body, and it’s a spring of living water, flowing up through me.

The Bible describes a path God intends for all of us. It’s origin starts with God and ends with Christ Jesus. The Holy Spirit is the preserver and sealer of our heart. He guides each of our footsteps, and He never will depart.

– – – written by Pastor Joseph Madadi, Nakaru Jesus Christ Chapel, Kenya

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