What are you praying for?

What are you praying for

Have you ever looked deep into your prayers? What are they? Are they just asking for this and that to your heavenly Father or are they a real conversation with Him? If you haven’t considered about this , give it a thought.

We must ask Him for our real needs. (Not the needs as given in the above comic) Really important needs. But when you develop a personal relationship with God, some even ask for very simple things in life. That’s also OK. But what You need to keep in mind is that Praying is not all about asking for your needs.

You also need to thank God for all the good things He had done to You. Thank Him for…..

*** You being fully healthy when you were born, without any physical impairments. Because you very well know there are many disabled right from birth.
*** Your Mom and Dad, who lives for you. Because there are many orphans out there and you could have been just one of them.
*** Your wonderful house you live in. Because you know about the many homeless nowadays, right?
*** The food and clothes you are provided with or that you have, by his mercy. Dont forget the millions who are deprived of these.
*** Your present age, for He has protected You all these years. No fatal accident happened, which is really something to be thankful for.
*** Today, for this great day, because many who went to sleep yesterday like you did, didn’t wake up to see this new day.
*** Your friends, your true friends, who know every bit of you and without whom your life would have been miserable and lonely.
*** Anything and everything that You got, when you just look around because not all the people on this Earth have all these that you enjoy

Why? Why God didn’t make all of them like you? Why many are deprived of the above mentioned things? God doesn’t like them? No! He made them like that so that when You see them, You thank God for your blessings and proceed to help them as much as you can.

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  2. This is setting a poor example for people. So people who are born with diseases are put on this earth so the most healthy people can pity them? Thats idiotic. If God is real he is an idiot as well. Truth: Life is a gamble. Being born is winning the lottery because the fact that you out of millions of sperm made it out alive is the reward. There is no man in the sky creating us one at a time, choosing who gets the short end of the stick. Its either random, genetic or is caused by an outside organic force. Stop lying to people and most importantly yourself. You should love yourself and everyone else with flaws and not “be glad you arent like them because some imaginary man in the sky made you more perfect.” Good day.

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