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Derek Redmond may not have finished first place… But he managed to finish his race.

Real Incident : 1992 Summer Olympics

1992 – A young man was favored to win the 400-metre race in the Barcelona Summer Olympics.

However disappointment came about 250 meters from the finish.

His hamstring tore. He hobbled into a halt, and then fell to the ground …in pain.

As stretcher bearers made their way over to him, he knew he had to decide.

So despite the pain, he stood up and began to hobble along the track.

Suddenly, a large man pushed through the crowds, fighting back security.

The man was his Father.

“You don’t have to do this,” He told his weeping son.

“Yes, I do,” The son declared.

“Well then,” replied his dad, “we’re going to finish this …together!”

The father wrapped his arms around his son and helped him hobble through the track.

Shortly before the finish line, the father let go of his son and the son completed the race

…with a standing ovation from the crowd of 65,000.

Derek Redmond may not have finished first place… But he managed to finish his race.

Despite the pain, despite the tears …he determined to give his all, motivated by a love so strong…

of a father who picks him up when he falls.

What made the father do that?

…to leave the stands and meet his son on the tracks?

It was the pain on his child’s face.

His son was hurt… but wanted to finish the race.

So the Father came to help him finish.

God is like that.

When we are hurting and fighting to finish, He comes and helps us.


How is your race?

Are you in pain? Are you on the verge of quitting?

God wants you to finish strong… Because HE loves you.

Will you open your heart to HIM?

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  1. Beautiful message from the video. I am sure that God never arrives late. He arrives just in time because he is timing. I am thankful. Blessings everybody.

  2. Its a very Blessed msg…I’m sure God is always with me, u n everyone..He will never let us down…God bless u…

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