Video : Amazing Hero Dog

Watch the above video clip which shows the courage a dog exhibits when it tries to save its best friend (another dog) from the busy road traffic and thus from death too……

Some comments received for this great video :-

“I, not surprised that one dog showed compassion for another one of God’s creatures. Why can’t we as humans do the same?” – Hazel Hadden

“WOW! Ahhh that was tooo Beautiful and Powerful!!!! This video ministered to my heart. Praise the lord!” – Kianani Custodio

“Gos was watching over that dog. I guess it wasn’t that dog’s time yet. Thank JC!” – Brettan o’beirne

“wow! That is one dedicated dog!!!” – Gabriella Scoleri

“please don’t discount what cats are capable of. Cats have been known to literally walk through fire to save other cats, and on many occasions have saved human beings lives.” – Brenda C. Billiot

“Mans Best Friend in action” – Zach

“This is amazing almost unbelieveble” – Christy Chal

“God is AWESOME and has created the most amazing creatures. Dogs are such a wonderful blessing to this world. If we can only learn from this dog’s courage and LOVE. Jesus please continue to bless the wonderful animals you have provided to be our compassions.” – Teresa Windsor

“WOW! This show how much more we should love! If God made dogs able to love and be kind like that than think of how much more we should love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Lady Blackwind of Woodport

“God created all things !! humans are the only ones that kill for sport or just to see how much pain can be caused. Jesus see all. humans manys many times forget that animals do have emtions and do care about other living things. This is a great example to us all our LORD sent to us by two dogs. Jesus laid HIS life down for us and rose agian for us!! How much more should we act like this brown dog and reach out to the hurting.TO GOD BE THE GLORY !!!” – Yvette Stellman

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