Thank You Lord For All The Wonders Of Your World

All The Wonders Of Your World

God, I know you listen When I pray to You each night
I know You’ll answer in your time I know You’ll make things right
I just want to thank You, Lord For all the things You do
I know You’re busy keeping up With all those who pray to You
So I’ll try to keep this simple, Lord I just wanted You to know
That I appreciate all You do I know it doesn’t always show
I know sometimes I let life’s rush Affect the way I live
I let the pressure influence me At times I take when I should give
Sometimes I forget to take the time To see the miracles that You do
I fail to notice the little things I apologize to You
I’ll try hard to remember, Lord To thank You when I pray
For all the wonders of Your world And for giving me each new day
Thank You, Lord! Amen.

– – – written by Nakiyaga Edith

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