Can Google settle it All?

Google is a real boon. If you’ve got doubts on any topic, it will really help if you just Google it. But can we completely trust Google results when you got to settle a controversial matter? Well, results on Google come up as a result of Google indexing millions of websites/blogs all around the world. … Read more

Palm Reading

Do you believe in Palm Reading? Please don’t, if you’re a True Christian. Palm Reading goes against our faith. God call all this EVIL in His sight !!!! I was just recently studying about that in the Bible. It’s in the book of Deuteronomy, Chapter 18, verses 9-14 When you come into the land which … Read more

Human Gods

Ha ha! Poor Frank and look at the foolish people…Human Gods! Ya, now there are a lot of those type fooling all the people around. Some people claim themselves as God. They show some cheap tricks like vanishing trick or creating powder called “Bhasmam” from thin air. And thats it. There goes a lot of … Read more