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August 4th, 2012

Our Lady Of Perpetual Help Image Explained

Our Lady of perpetual help image

Our Lady of Perpetual Help, also known as Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, is a title given to the Blessed Virgin Mary by Pope Pius IX, associated with a celebrated Byzantine icon of the same name dating from the 15th century.

This icon has been in Rome since 1499, and is currently in the church of Sant’Alfonso di Liguori all’Esquilino. The image has become very popular among Roman Catholics in particular, and has been very much copied and reproduced.

Meaning of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Icon

1) Greek initial for Mother of God.

2) Greek initial for St. Michael, the archangel.

3) Greek initial for St. Gabriel, the archangel.

4) Mary’s mouth is small for silent recollection. She speaks little.

5) Mary’s eyes are larger, for in all our troubles, they are turned towards us always.

6) Star on our Lady’s veil means she is the star of the sea who brought the light Jesus into this world.

7) Red tunic is the color worn by virgins at the time of Christ (AD33).

8) Christ’s hands turned palms down into his mother’s indicate that the grace of redemption is in her keeping.

9) Mary’s left hand supports Christ possessively. That means she is his mother. It’s a comforting hand for everyone who calls on her.

10) Dark blue mantle – the color worn by mothers in Palestine. means Mary is both virgin and mother of Christ.

11) The entire background is gold representing the heaven.

12) Golden crown placed on the original picture as a token of many miracles wrought by our lady invoked under the title of perpetual help.

13) Greek initials for Jesus Christ.

14) Foot with falling sandal represents Christ’s divine nature, barely clinging to earth. The human nature is symbolized in the other foot to which the sandal is more firmly bound. This simply means that Christ has two natures, Human and Divine.

August 2nd, 2012

Satan Lives In Our Sins

Satan Lives In Our Sins

Sin is the root cause of all evils in human life. Even those that aimed at our sanctification points to the fact that we are imperfect. Heaven does not have suffering, for those who are there are perfect. Earthly life cannot be free from pains, as we ourselves are sinful and we live among the sinners. The shortcut to be free from suffering, is to be free from sin.

Apart from sin, any pain is bearable for the soul of a human being. Sin is contrary to the nature of our soul. So, the sins we do, willingly or unwillingly, choke the soul. If the soul is free from stains, then no amount of worldly pain can disturb its peace. That’s what we see in the suffering of Jesus, Mary and the saints. Our nature is hesitant to pain and suffering because we cherish the love for an easy life. Saints invited more and more sufferings into their life, because each and every moment they knew they are imperfect. And their conviction was that it is suffering that purifies them.

Sin Attracts Satan

Sin attracts Satan as a magnet attracts iron. It is in our sinful habits and inclinations that Satan puts his hand to disturb us. Like fish in the water Satan lives in our sins. So the easy way to put him out is to put out our sins.

One man was on his journey to conversion. He was a drunkard and happened to attend a retreat. After the retreat he thought of quitting the shabby world of drinking and live a holy life. But once it happened that he again failed and had his day at the bar. Approaching his spiritual director, he said; ‘Father, I was not willing to go to the bar. But Satan tempted me.’ Father corrected him; my dear child, do not succumb to his temptations each time he calls. Yes, father, I am well aware of that. But when he calls, if we refuse his call, it may happen that he may not call us again!

Yes, this is somewhat our problem. We enjoy the pleasure of sinning and like that Satan makes us fail. How many times we would have been dead, if we had made our act of contrition sincerely. There we say, we are ready to die than to sin. We sin again, and not die when temptations occur.

The Two Traps of Satan

When we face problems in our life, Satan brings two traps. They are concerned with adjusting our sight. Too close to our eyes we can’t see properly. For example a speck in our eyes, however close, is not visible. So is the case with an object too far. Likewise, Satan will make us over conscious of the problems so as to give them seriousness as they do not deserve it. Sometimes he will set our problems too far, as not make us aware of the true seriousness of our problems. It is important to adjust our sight with regard to the problems we face to live a happy life. Every problem in our life is not from Satan, but those that bring evil fruits are from him. It is important to know the tree from its fruit.

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Each time we fall, Satan laughs. When we wake up through a confession, he may come again with more strength. I would like to say that some people fall again because of their over zeal. This is right. Suppose we had been sick for many days and recovered through medicine. Right away if we go to work heavily, wouldn’t we get sick again, sometimes worse than before. So the doctors suggest that the patients recovered from illness should not go for hard work. They suggest us to recover our health first. This is important in our spiritual life too.

Suppose we fall into sin, when we recover, give more importance to getting back our strength through prayer and frequenting sacraments. After that, focus on our ministries and work fields.

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– – – written by Jinto Mathew

July 25th, 2012

The Satanic Onslaught On Priesthood

The Satanic Onslaught On Priesthood

It is not my intention to hurt anyone through my belief that the coming into being of other so-called churches resulted from the continuing onslaught of Lucifer against the Church of Christ. Sincere believers in those other churches and cults would not accept this but the Word of God states truthfully that one church and one church only was established and that Church’s existence was assured in-spite of heresy fed by Satan in order to destroy it . A guarantee reinforced by Jesus when he assured St. Peter – the first human father of the Church – that the gates of hell would not prevail against it.

Attack Against Priesthood

A continuing offensive, today, which involves aside from the abortionistic, atheistic, agnostic, secular, and media elements etc of Satan’s milieu our Priests and Religious have fallen victim to the onslaught of the father of lies as he tries to destroy the Priesthood. Lucifer knows that if he can destroy the Priesthood the Church will not last long. But this plan is doomed to failure because of the original guarantees of its founder, Jesus.

Thus the sins of some clergy and religious today implies that satan is using them as a method of attempting a destruction of the Church. As in the past he used the claims of ‘heresy’ and the concept of ‘reform’ in his struggle against the Body of Christ. Also in the history of the Catholic or Universal Church satan in the past, as now, has used the sinful behavior of even Popes to attempt to destroy it. But the source of all evil is banging against the grace of the Holy Spirit, and what he does is doomed to failure.

On this matter my final reference to modern clerical betrayal we must not forget that two of Christ’s chosen apostles betrayed Our Savior, that is, Judas and Peter. Yes, in-spite of his love for them and their witness of his statements and acts confirming who he claimed to be Judas sold him for thirty pieces of silver to his enemies and Peter who was the first leader of his Church (in modern terms – 1st Pope) denied him three times. Thus if it can happen at that level Satan can manipulate from top to bottom the Church’s membership if we stop following Jesus.

For Juan de la Cruz in his writings emphasizes that the way to life eternal is narrow and to traverse it we must deny ourselves by imitating Christ including his experience of the cross. Any lapse in this is dangerous as our Christian history confirms. Also confirmed by correspondents to this debate who are from various so-called reformist or Protestant groups who like Satan is opposed to the Church Of Christ.

Let us work and pray daily for Christian Unity, for it is the Will of Our Creator! And our prayer is required urgently if the contents of some contributors to this debate confirms.

Yes, there maybe those who are hurt by this correspondence but the truth is the truth!!! I have to stand up and be counted so to speak.

– – – written by Liam Ó Comáin

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