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January 13th, 2011

Father Forgive Us

Father Forgive Us

Father forgive us
We know not what we do,
Were killing our brothers
in the name of you.

Fighting for freedom
With Unholy war,
Show us you mercy
We’re standing at the door.

Father forgive them
They know not what they do,
Killing their children,
They belong to you.

Unwilling to love them
care for them with your love,
killing the life you gave,
how many more?

Your mother she cared for you
Watched you grow up strong,
Doing your Fathers will,
you would not be here long.

You sent us your mercy
wrapped up in love,
Your power ripped the grave clothes,
death could not hold you!

You died to atone for us,
And to cleanse us from sin,
The way to salvation,
And to live in you again!

– – – written by Cyndi Robinson

January 1st, 2011

New Year Prayer

New Year Prayer

A New Year’s Prayer

Another year is dawning
With the chance to start anew.
May I be kinder, wiser, Lord,
In all I say and do.

Not so caught up in selfish gain
That I would fail to see
The things in life that mean the most
Cost not a fancy fee.

The warm, kind word that I can give,
The outstretched hand to help,
The prayers I pray for those in need–
More precious these than wealth.

I know not what may lie ahead
Of laughter or of tears;
I only need to know each day
That You are walking near.

I’m thankful for this brand new year
As now I humbly pray,
My hand secure in Yours, dear Lord,
Each step along the way.

– – – written by Kay Hoffman

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December 12th, 2010

Infant Jesus of Prague Novena

Infant Jesus of Prague Novena

Novena to Infant Jesus of Prague

O Jesus, Who has said ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you, through the intercession of Mary, Thy Most Holy Mother, I knock, I seek and I ask that my prayer may be granted. (your prayer request here)

O Jesus, Who has said all that you ask of the Father in My Name, He will will grant you, through the intercession of Mary, Thy Most Holy Mother, I humbly and urgently ask Thy Father in Thy Name, that my prayer be granted. (your prayer request here)

O Jesus, Who has said “Heaven and Earth shall pass away, but My word shall not pass”, through the intercession of Mary, Thy Most Holy Mother, I feel confident that my prayer will be granted. (your prayer request here)

[say above novena once an hour for nine hours on a single day]

Prayer to Infant Jesus of Prague

O Child Jesus, I have recourse to you by your holy mother; I implore you to assist me in this necessity, for I firmly believe your Divinity can assist me. I confidently hope to obtain your holy grace. I love you with my whole heart and my whole soul. I am heartily sorry for my sins, and entreat you, O Good Jesus, to give me strength to overcome them.

I am firmly resolved never to offend you again and to suffer everything rather than displease you. Henceforth, I wish to serve you faithfully. For love of you, O Divine Child, I will love my neighbor as myself. O Jesus, Omnipotent Child, I entreat you again to come to my assistance in this necessity: [remember your petitions]

O Divine Child, and still the great, omnipotent God, I implore you through your most holy Mother’s most powerful intercession and through the boundless mercy of your omnipotence as God, for a favorable answer to the intention I so earnestly ask for in this novena.

Grant me the grace of possessing you eternally with Mary and Joseph, and of adoring you with your holy angels and saints.

O Divine Infant of Prague
Hear my prayer and grant my petition.

Let us pray:

O miraculous Infant Jesus, prostrate before your sacred image, we beseech you to cast a merciful look on our troubled hearts. Let your tender heart, so inclined to pity, be softened by our prayers, and grant us that grace for which we ardently implore you. Take from us all affliction and despair, all trials and misfortunes with which we are laden. For your Sacred Infancy’s sake hear our prayers and send us consolation and aid, that we may praise you with the Father and the Holy Spirit forever and ever. Amen.

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