Lifehouse Everything Video

Watch Lifehouse Everything video given above. Super skit ever. Amazing Drama so powerful and so true. Jesus is all we need, Jesus is waiting on us to come to him. We get beat down by the world and the lies of this world. When we find Jesus and find the truth there is nothing like it. Not … Read more

Video : Drive Safe – No Speeding

Watch the touching video given above. Its about the effects of speeding on road. If you feel anything after seeing this video, then please, please remember this the next time you make your grip on that driving wheel. Download the Video here Please drive safe. Its for yours as well as others safety on road. When … Read more

Shalom TV Live Online

Shalom TV Live Online

Shalom TV live online – Watch shalom tv live streaming feature available now. The best Christian Malayalam TV Channel ‘Shalom TV’ is now ready to cater to those who are away from television screens but closer to computers and internet. Now you can watch shalom tv live streaming from internet from their website – a … Read more

One Minute Sermon Video

Watch the above video – A one minute sermon by Tamara Lowe Download The Video Here Amazingly fast! Motivating the younger generation, particularly rappers! Transcription: To be a survivor in this Amazing Race with the need for speed you need God’s Grace and if your desperate like housewives watching days of our lives, you can’t … Read more

Video : Never Ever Give Up In Life

Watch this video – Never Ever Give Up In Life Download Video Here Derek Redmond may not have finished first place… But he managed to finish his race. Real Incident : 1992 Summer Olympics 1992 – A young man was favored to win the 400-metre race in the Barcelona Summer Olympics. However disappointment came about … Read more