Family Lent Calendar

Family Lent Calendar 2012

Family Lent Calendar – Download the above image Here is the Lent Calendar for 2012. This one starts right from Ash Wednesday till Holy Saturday. The above calendar image is of 1320×1020 dimensions. Click on the image to view it in actual size. Then go ahead and right-click the image and save the lent calendar … Read more

Preparing For Lent

Preparing for Lent

What to do before Lent begins? Anything worth doing is worth preparing for. Just imagine that this Lent is going to be different from every other Lent we’ve experienced. Imagine that there will be many graces offered me this year. Let’s even imagine that God is going to help transform our lives, with greater freedom, … Read more

Not Hands But Hearts

Not Hands But Hearts

Amend the ways, and you will know why you struggle to go ahead! During the Governorship of PONTIUS PILATE, there was a man named Jesus the Nazarene. A few people, out of sheer jealousy and revenge, conspired against him and at one night seized, tied up like a bandit and produced him in front of … Read more