ProLife wallpapers and posters – Set 4

Given above is the fourth and the final set containing 14 posters among the 64 ones, which are used in the ProLife exhibitions. All of them have been reduced from the poster size to the wallpaper size, to fit our desktops. *************************************************** Mercy Killing is also against life. Is it really out of mercy or … Read more

ProLife wallpapers and posters – Set 3

God said “Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and subdue it.” Genesis 1:28 Have God gone wrong? Food? Cloth? Shelter? Health? Education? Employment? See the above pics to get answer on each of these aspects of life on earth. Natural family planning (NFP) is a family planning method approved by the Roman Catholic Church. … Read more

ProLife wallpapers and posters – Set 2

Population Explosion? Its being propagated that the whole world is being saturated with human beings and if the growth rate continues like this, people will suffocate to death. THIS IS NOT TRUE. There is sufficient space for everyone to live on this earth. Abortion doesn’t make a woman non-pregnant, but makes her a mother who … Read more

ProLife wallpapers and posters – Set 1

Pro-Life means For-Life. It stands for life. It is one of the Jesus Youth ministries. Prolife mainly stands against Abortion, which is now, the most dangerous threat to life on earth. Prolife activists conduct frequent exhibitions worldwide to propagate the evils of abortion. Given above is the first set containing 20 posters among the 64 … Read more

Pro-Life Jesus Youth Ministry

Jesus Youth pro-life ministry (PROLIFE means FOR LIFE) trains many young people to take a stand against the culture of death and to challenge others to take a stand for the same. There is also an effective infrastructure for conducting pro-life exhibitions. Why are some advocating abortion, saying all things about population explosion! Whats the … Read more